8 Albums That Would ‘NEVER’ Be Streamed But Eventually Were

neverFor a small but significant group of major artists, streaming is evil. While most will let their music go up on YouTube,  they vehemently vow to keep it off Spotify, Apple Music and other on-demand music streamers.  That is, until they change their mind...

“Valuable things should be paid for. It’s my opinion that music should not be free,” Taylor Swift wrote in a New York Times op-ed.  When she released her 1989 album a few months later, she kept it off Spotify and pulled her entire catalog off the service. But when Apple Music launched, Taylor's album was available to stream. Adele and Beyonce are also among the  top artists that have shunned music streaming... for awhile.

Pitchfork has created this list of artists who have rejected streaming, only to change their minds. Pitchfork - infographicv6-08.pncg

via Pitchfork: *In the case of “In Rainbows,” free streaming (besides YouTube) was years away from reaching the States when the album was released as a pay-what-you-will download in 2007. But given Yorke’s strong stand against streaming, we thought it interesting to note the shift, which coincided with Apple Music’s launch.


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